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Corey Feldman:

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 Takin a walk. I think as an artist we all go to extremes I don’t think there is an artist out there who likes to live in the middle of the road


Buzz Knight:

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I’m Buzz Knight and welcome to the Takin a walk podcast a virtual edition with actor and singer Corey Feldman talking about his music his movies and more Next on taking a walk


Buzz Knight:

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 Hi Corey Hello Hi Thanks for being on taking a walk  virtually But  nonetheless thanks for being on Man Buzz How are you Oh great Corey Hey congratulations on the new song Deceptive Deborah


Corey Feldman:

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 Thank you very much Yes It’s a very exciting single Very exciting


Buzz Knight:

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What a cheery uplifting love song


Corey Feldman:

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 Well you know I was feeling romantic and I thought what better for the tour than something super cheery and positive that can make us all feel wholesome and wanted and needed No I’m joking but you know hey listen love sometimes is a feather

bird and it is not always a good feeling Sometimes love can be a painful feeling as we all know And that’s ok but it’s something to talk about So that’s what art is about Art is about being subjective and putting our feelings down and getting them out there regardless of whether they’re a positive or a negative experience And  so therefore I try to be true to form


Buzz Knight:

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 She got blood in her eyes you think you know her But you better think twice Boy Oh boy Um


Corey Feldman:

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 yes Have you ever met anybody like that before Never Of course not Of course not


Buzz Knight:

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 Can you talk about how music can be this soothing force But it also can be this um tool That’s the equivalent of hitting someone over the head with a two by four


Corey Feldman:

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 Well you know that it can be all of those things at the same time I don’t think that’s my intention You know this the irony of this is just as it as it were Uh but in fact um you know a lot of people are gonna say well you know did you write this about your wife because you’re going through a breakup No I actually didn’t write it about my wife this is not about Courtney

It’s just a true coincidence that this is what popped out because sometimes you know you don’t know you’re just writing something and sometimes things pop out I have had a lot of deceptive Vora in my life Uh so I think it’s more of a figurative kind of term I don’t think it’s really specified around one particular person Uh But yeah but of course a lot of people will draw that connection


Buzz Knight:

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 So you mentioned art earlier and I was thinking about the songwriting process comparing it to uh artwork Would you classify yourself as uh Monet or Jackson Pollock


Corey Feldman:

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 I probably neither I would say definitely more on the

gowdy uh type side if anything maybe or uh Salvador Dali you know more of the um psychedelic art I suppose where you have to kind of think about it might have a double meaning there might be going more going on beneath the surface than you expect Looking for the multiple layers being able to read something into it and getting something out of it Because I think


Corey Feldman:

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 you know for me when I write I want to tell a story but I also want to make sure that I leave somebody with some form of a message and it’s usually a positive one even if it’s sometimes you got to keep your eyes open or watch your back or whatever you know it’s cold hard truth can be tough But at the same time important lessons in life right So uh I think it’s I think you know it’s all about putting the message out there one way or another


Buzz Knight:

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 Looking back at your career Well one of my favorite movies of all time is stand by me And um I was I was looking at the soundtrack of stand by me with so many great songs in there everything from every day by Buddy Holly to Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls of Fire And of course you know the Benny King Stand By Me What are some of your favorite songs from Stand by me the movie


Corey Feldman:

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 You know uh I always loved Rockin Robin I think that’s a great one of course that starts off the film at the very beginning with the tree house scene

 And uh you know I really like the lollipop that you know that we did on the train tracks That was fun as well So it’s a fun movie And by the way you know we are on tour right now uh we’re hitting the US we’re getting ready in about a week we leave and our first show is on Saturday a week from Saturday in Northern California So we’re gonna be all over the United States And while we’re on this tour we do a

section of the show which we dedicate to the film soundtracks and uh you know kind of going down memory lane and that’s exactly what we do And we play stand by me He actually is one of the songs during the show So hopefully some of your listeners can make it out and see us live and get a chance to experience it because it is a lot of fun It’s like a giant sing along and uh and just as you said it’s like memory lane Everybody chimes in and sings along and it’s like kumbaya It’s lots of fun


Buzz Knight:

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 Yeah And you’re also on uh some of the shows I think aren’t you paying tribute to Lost Boys as well


Corey Feldman:

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 That’s right Well we go through we do like a movie section of the show Uh so there’s a lot there’s a lot of ground that we cover You know it’s a big show Uh but we do some of the you know classic hits People want to hear going all the way back to the eighties Uh You know some of the songs that I wrote for film soundtracks and then of course some of the stuff that you know has been popular in recent years like my top 40 billboard songss and those kinds of things And then we go through all the


Corey Feldman:

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 the kind of classic film soundtracks because there’s people forget there’s a lot of number one films associated with a lot of my films Uh So uh you know those songs we’re gonna be doing from Goonies to stand by me to Lost Boys And we kind of go through like the whole chronology of it It’s really fun It’s a it’s like a time machine It’s like getting into a time machine full of love and having a great positive experience That’s the uh that’s the mission


Buzz Knight:

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 That’s awesome


Buzz Knight:

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 How did you learn the um importance


Buzz Knight:

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 in life of having really diverse interests


Corey Feldman:

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 Well I’ll tell you what first of all I think as an artist we all go to extremes Uh I don’t think there is an artist out there who likes to live in the middle of the road Um because you wouldn’t be an artist You know if you didn’t feel on a very um heightened sense of awareness as an artist If you weren’t ultra sensitive if you weren’t you know ultra aware um have some kind of insight then you wouldn’t really have much to offer the rest of the world The whole idea is being able to

like reflect and be able to write it down in some way whether it’s through a painting whether it’s through uh words through poetry through a script through music however we can transcribe it it’s still an emotional exchange from one human to another And that’s why we’re also petrified and terrified of A I uh because you know we’re literally talking about computers taking over our emotions or our job to project those emotions


Buzz Knight:

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 So there’s so much that you give to the world in terms of um how you highlight many different causes and important things And I want to give you the time to talk about a few of those because I think it’s important how you put yourself out there for those


Corey Feldman:

00:08:02.709 – 00:08:24.936

 Thank you I appreciate that I mean look I’ve been working on many great causes through the years you know Uh but uh we’re very you know grateful that I I’ve had an opportunity to do certain things You know there’s a lot of different areas I work in whether it’s children’s rights protecting Children helping to change laws Uh I am an ambassador for child USA so I hope to change

laws in different states regarding statute of limitations I’ve also helped change laws regarding animal rights I do a lot of work with animal rights I’ve changed laws actually In fact in Boston I helped change some veal laws veal gestation crates and things like that in Boston and


 and pigs I think we outlawed the the pigs not having enough room to turn around things like that So yes we I work in all sorts of different areas but basically any way that I can to help Children and animals uh and the environment as well you know things that don’t necessarily have their own voice I try to help them find one or lend mine


Buzz Knight:

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 three of your favorite musicians that uh maybe you’d like to jam with in your career


Corey Feldman:

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 Oh Paul McCartney David Gilmour and Billy Joel


Buzz Knight:

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 Wow that was definitive


Corey Feldman:

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 Yes I would give pretty much anybody’s belongings to be able to including mine Ok fine Mine too Uh to be able to work with any of those guys


Buzz Knight:

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 That’s awesome Corey Feldman Thanks for being on taking a walk man Appreciate it Good luck on the release and good luck on the tour man


Corey Feldman:

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 Nice talking to you too And I hope to see you guys up there in that area very soon


Buzz Knight:

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 Thanks for listening to taking a walk If you enjoy this podcast share it with your friends and leave us a review Thanks to Bob Malatesta for his production excellence And thanks for listening to taking a walk


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